Quotes & Information

At Limo Toledo, we try to make our pricing policies straightforward. We charge an hourly rate for all of our vehicles. That rate varies depending on vehicle size and date of service. Weekends have a higher rate than weekdays, and larger vehicles have a higher rate than smaller vehicles. We don't want to catch you off-guard with any extra fees, so we just include them in our prices. The hourly rate includes all taxes and operating costs, fuel, unlimited stops and miles, and a minimum driver fee. If you're in Florida, you can check out Jacksonville Party Bus Prices for affordable service in your area.

We require a minimum of a six hour rental when you rent our vehicles at the hourly rate. However, we do offer special packages for afternoons, birthdays, and weddings. These start at 3.5 hour minimum and can be increased from there. The shorter time will allow you to pay less, and you will get some extra amenities included. In order to receive one of these packages, your trip must end by 7 pm. Our prices may increase for peak seasons and days.

You'll find that our prices are in line with the industry standard for Toledo. However, if you happen to be looking to save money and will be staying at one venue all night long, you can consider our "Pick Up and Drop Off Services" package which will save you a substantial amount of cash, and you'll absolutely enjoy the fashionable feeling of traveling in one of our incredible vehicles. The day of the week, number of people, and pick up and drop off times are a few of the items that have a factor in the price. We should inform you that prices do increase during peak times. If you just so happen to be looking for the best price possible, be sure to consider avoiding the peak times, as well as breaking up the price amongst all of the passengers riding in our limos.

In order to get an exact quote, please call or email us. Our customer service representatives will ask you your desired date of service, number of passengers, and pick up location in order to check our availability and determine the right vehicle size for your group. They'll quote you the lowest price possible according to that information. If you're ready to make a reservation, you will need to put down a $200 deposit on a credit or debit card. The rest of the balance can be paid in cash to the driver at pick up, by credit card at least 24 hours before pick up, or by check at least 2 weeks before pick up. We do not allow cancellations, and all sales are final.